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A volunteer is a person who works for an organisation without being paid!


Volunteers often are in a very exposed and insecure environment and in emergency response situations, often frustrated and left alone!


A platform that actually secures and verifies the emergency response workspaces and fields of volunteering.


Why we also benefit?

We for sure benefit from your service, your support, skills and kindness! But is always about YOU as an individual we care!

In which issues do we engage?

It is not just only about war and conflicts. It is also about displacement, refugees, human trafficking or exclusion of society in general.

Why we do this?

Giving back to society. It is about our human existence, response, humanity. You want to do something, and that something can be a little or a lot - BUT YOU HAVE TO DO SOMETHING!!

Tell Your Story!

Your Voice Matters!

You really should know, that the impact you have is phenomenally in the lives of people in need!

What topic you can address?

I want To Support!

Because It Matters!

How you provide safe spaces?

Bridging The Gap!

Giving Back To Society!

Working in unsafe environments

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How to unleash my full potential?

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Have an impact

Get prepared for having an impact and giving back to society as a social volunteer! Be smart!

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Humanitarian Aid and Emergency Response
Duration: 3-credits. 25 hours classroom instruction 3-week field service

This 3-credit course combines classroom instruction with a practical field service
component, exploring humanitarian aid and emergency response essentials.

Topics include humanitarian principles, traumainformed aid, fieldwork considerations,
self-care, and wellbeing, empowering local communities, ethical principles, working
with interpreters, and more.

Yes, Module 9 includes a panel discussion featuring experienced humanitarian workers, providing valuable insights, and allowing for a Q&A session.

Yes, the course is open to all individuals interested in humanitarian aid and emergency response, regardless of prior experience.

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